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Ursa Major - A painting by the well known artist Jimmy Wright

Ursa Major by Jimmy Wright

Acrylic on Canvas
145 x 124cm
Value: $25,000

This one-of-a-kind polar bear painting by acclaimed artist James “Jimmy” Wright is a significant and highly sought after work. Long-time Raincoast supporter Kristine Paton (herself an artist) has offered the proceeds from the sale of Ursa Major to Raincoast to help stop the trophy hunting of bears in British Columbia.

We invite you to consider the purchase of this painting as a significant and noteworthy contribution to the conservation and welfare of bears, by helping to create the world’s largest grizzly bear sanctuary.

Ursa major is now on display in Whistler at the Whistler Contemporary Gallery (4591 Blackcomb Way).

For more information please contact the gallery directly.

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