It's Time to Shine Fundraiser

It’s Time to Shine

by Dawn King

A Spirit Bear looks out at the viewer from a blue background

Spirit Bear

by Susan Duplan

A family of grizzlies crosses a waterfall

Bear Crossing

by Harold Allanson

Serigraph print by Roy Henry Vickers depicting a stylized eulachon.


by Roy Henry Vickers

A mountain goat stands silhouetted on a hill in front of an orange sky

The Ram

by Roy Henry Vickers

This painting depicts an island in distance with a sunset and serene waters

Last Light Long Beach

by Judy McLaren

A mixed media painting depicting a stylized grizzly, wolf, eagle and salmon in the Great Bear Rainforest

Sustainable Sustenance

by Sharon Rose Kneeshaw

The Entrance Island Lighthouse perched on a small islet with rolling hills in the background

Entrance Island Lighthouse

by Lawrie Dignan

Grizzly Waves - The Wildlife Album Art

Grizzly Waves

by Grizzly Waves

A boat in the distance slips through tranquil waters

Reflections in Port Neville

by Earl Hirtz

Two Pacific White Sided Dolphins spear through the water alongside a boat

Swimming Dolphins

by Earl Hirtz

A grizzly bear stands on a river bank in Alaska looking for salmon

Grizzly Bear

by Earl Hirtz